About Me

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a crossroads. We see a future we want, but believe we are unqualified. We either turn away and find an alternate route or we suck in a deep breath and take that first step into the unknown. I am at one of those crossroads now. I know I have a story to tell. I know I enjoy writing. But do I have the foggiest idea of how to proceed? Well, I’m learning that as I go.

This is not the first time I’ve been in this position. In the year 2000, I was emergency-certified to be a high school math teacher. I walked into my first classroom with no preparation. What made me think I could do that? Faith. God laid out a path before me. It was my job to follow it. It was difficult, but I was determined I would succeed. So I hunkered down, asked questions, read books, went to conferences, and finally, I learned how to be a talented teacher.

I had a lot of help. And a lot of support. I’m positive I would have failed without people in my life encouraging me and pushing me along.

My current crossroad? I’m staring down an author road full of unknowns. I don’t even know what I don’t know. And God has laid a path before me. I have already received a ton of help. And a ton of support.

Now, I would like to provide support for others.

I’m learning more about myself and my walk with God. If nothing ever happens on the publishing end, this will be the gift I receive…deepening my relationship with God. One thing is for sure—you cannot write Christian fiction if you aren’t in the Word every day. God has given authors stories to tell, but we won’t hear His voice if we’re not actively listening for it.

So, I’m asking questions, I’m reading books, I’ve joined some writers’ groups, and I attend conferences. Will I learn how to be a talented author? I believe so. I hope so. Other newbies undoubtedly feel this way too. I’m chronicling my journey and sharing what I learn along the way.

So, travel this road with me and share your questions, concerns, accomplishments, and wins. We’ll discover the way down this unknown path together.