Ever Been Involved In a Research Project?

Want to help me write an article?

I send short stories to a magazine on a regular basis. The editor-in-chief asked me to write a story about sports drinks. I don’t like the flavor, and they make me too jittery, so I’ve never been a fan. But I’d like to hear from others about drinks like Celsius, Monster, Red Bull, etc.

If you have consumed sports drinks, what was your experience like? Physical reactions? Addictiveness? Did you enjoy the flavor?

If you stopped drinking them, why?

I don’t want to influence your answer, so I’m not telling you who the magazine is or what slant I’m taking. I want to hear what you think and why.

They like the stories to come from a personal point of view, true stories, not fiction. I may quote you in the article. If you’d rather I didn’t, please let me know.

Ok, partners! Let’s do this. Hit me up with your answers and stories. Enquiring minds want to know.

12 Replies to “Ever Been Involved In a Research Project?”

  1. Grabbed a cold can from the fridge for lunch. There was nothing else there and I needed a cold drink. Must be one of the kids.
    Never drank one before. Didn’t believe all the hype surrounding them…
    Put together a sandwich , some chips and headed for the porch.
    BLT was great. Chips, salty and dry. Wish I had Coke, but what the hey. Any port in a storm and I was thirsty. Popped the top and took a big swig.
    Good grief! No sparkle – no fizz – no flavor! Flat, cold, tasteless! Refused to swallow!
    Headed for the sink and unloaded. Followed by a big gulp of cold water.
    And that’s my one and only experience with energy drinks. I’ll say one thing. With only one try, that drink helped me to the kitchen sink in record time!

  2. I’m very susceptible to caffeine, so I don’t use them. I love coffee but can only drink one or two cups a day before noon without affecting my sleep, so I would be scared to add anything to that mix. Gotta have my sleep!

  3. I have never had a sports drink, never was interested and now that I have a heart condition I am afraid they have way too much caffeine for me. I don’t think I would like the taste either.

    My husband drinks sugar-free Gatorade and Powerade all the time. He works outdoors, and will drink them when he is sick too. Someone gave me some when I was sick years ago and I hated the taste of it, so have no desire to repeat the experience.

  4. My first memory of sports drinks was in the 70’s with a bad case of flu. My doctor recommended Gatorade, so I’ve had a bad association with that ever since. However, I did try different flavors when playing tennis, but I felt like the drinks only made me thirstier. Although I’m a true Southerner, I drink unsweetened tea for the same reason. If I need an energy boost, I go for unsweetened tea, but otherwise I drink water. No power drinks for me, thanks.

  5. He stood over me, his evil grin dripping fear. “Drink, child. Drink the elixir of life.”

    I knew, and as the vile-tasting liquid spilled down my throat, I knew he lied. The cacophony of bodily reactions to the draught took over my entire being.

    “You call this an energy drink? It is more like a drug than a pick-me-up.”

    His smile disappeared, and his scowl foreshadowed the torment to come.

    I take my coffee in a cup, not concentrated in a can.

    heheheh have fun – Bill Joyce

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