Services: Editing and formatting

Self-publishing your book can be an intimidating prospect. I can help you feel confident you are putting your very best work out into the world.

From the front end, I will edit your writing and help you make your work shine. I will use the “track changes” function in Word so you may easily accept or decline any of my suggested changes. In my line edits, I will look for these things:

Typographical errors

Misspelled words

Words used incorrectly (e.g., affect vs. effect)

Echoes and overuse of specific words

Sentence structure (e.g., dangling participles or incomplete sentences)

Consistency throughout the document

Verb usage (lay vs. lie)


Places we can reduce usage of filler words (e.g., that, was, and)

Point of view

Filter words

American vs. British spelling (toward vs. towards)

Telling vs. showing

For several months, I prayed for another editor to add to my current editor list I hire for my books. God answered my prayer when someone I trust suggested Paula Peckham. Paula also formats my books, which is another prayer of mine. I thought I should have two formatters in case one is swamped with work. Thank you, Paula, I’m pleased with your expertise as editor and formatter! ~Jean Ann Williams, Covered Mercies & Encountering Jesus

Tomahawk flows so good! Between what you and Lee suggested on Jessica, this third read-through is going so smooth! – Danniel Campbell, Jessica, Penelope, Charlotte, & Golden Horizon

Paula Peckham edited my novel for me. Her thoroughness and eye for detail were an immense help, especially for someone from the U.K. who was writing a story set in the U.S., and I can honestly say, without her help, the book would not be what it is today. The work she has done means I am far more confident sending my book out for query, and, going forward, I feel so much more confident in my own skills, thanks to what I learned from her. ~Mark Rankin, The Heart That Died

Paula has been my critique partner for over a year now, on two different books. Her advice and insights into making my prose shine more brightly are always right on target, from plot issues through to polishing individual sentences. I would let her loose on any manuscript of mine. ~Cheryl Burman, Keepers, The Wild Army Trilogy, Dragon Gift: Ten Short Stories

I would highly recommend Paula Peckham for her line editing skills. I meet with her weekly to go over manuscript pages, and she always helps improve the quality of my writing. She does a great job finding repetitive phrases and overused words. She’s a master at finding all the sentences with ‘was’ and ‘were’ and gives suggestions on how to rewrite sentences removing these words. I appreciate her keen eye for instances when telling could and should be written as showing, and she has a good eye for finding punctuation errors, especially within dialogue. You will not be disappointed if you hire Paula to edit your work.
~Jodi Short, Murdered by the Books

At the end of your project, I will help you with formatting. Together, we will decide what look you want for your uploaded document if you are self-publishing your book. Formatting includes:

Sections breaks between front matter pages (title page, dedication, acknowledgement, etc.) and chapters

Page numbers (Roman numerals for front matter pages if desired, Arabic numerals for chapters)

Table of Contents

Headers (alternating left and right pages)

Set page size to match your book cover

Set margins to allow for “gutters”

Chapter titles set off with bold, larger font

Justify edges for clean look

Use of headers for consistency throughout the document

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