Events & Speaking Engagements

Paula is a born teacher. Though she retired from teaching mathematics at Burleson High School, the drive to help people understand is in her genes. You may book Paula to speak at your events, where she will happily share the knowledge about writing and publishing she has gained over the years. She knows from her 19 years of experience in the classroom that being a talking head is not effective teaching. She designs her discussions so there is plenty of student participation.

Some of her topics are listed below.

“Michael Hague’s Hero’s Journey”

Paula spoke to the Carrollton League of Writers on 11-18-2021 and at the ACFW At-Home conference in 2022. Her topic breaks down the information-dense online webinar by Michael Hague where he explains the Hero’s Journey. She goes through the six different stages and five turning points of the Hero’s outer journey, and the six stages of the inner journey. Authors receive a document that ties all the parts and pieces together, and also a blank timeline chart to use while planning their own novels.

“So You Wanna Be A Writer?”

Paula was a guest speaker at the creative writing classes at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. In So You Wanna Be a Writer, she addresses basic guidelines to writing well and walks students through common pitfalls in writing.

“How to Get Things Done As a Writer”

Paula presented this class to “Unleashing The Next Chapter.” She walks you through various tips and tricks to stay focused. Writers often work from home, and it is easy to get distracted. Learn about setting goals, coming up with a vision statement, good habits to form, and determining when you are most creative.

“Instagram and Twitter for Authors”

Paula co-taught this class with Lori Scott at the ACFW-DFW Ready Writers monthly meeting. Together, they introduce different methods of engaging with potential readers through the social media platforms of Twitter and Instagram.