River Witch: a review

River Witch by Cheryl Burman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where to begin? I loved this story so much.

Hester lives a bland, dreary life as the daughter of a poor farmer. Her days consist of endless chores overseen by a particular mother and overbearing brothers. Despite the hopelessness of her future, she finds joy in the relationship she shares with Sabrina, the goddess of the river. Then she meets Aaron, the first person who seems to understand the pull Hester feels.

Aaron opens news doors for Hester, and she dives into his teaching with enthusiasm. Anything to take her mind off the lumpen fisherman her mother wants to marry her off to.

But Hester lives in a superstitious time ruled by men. And these men don’t take kindly to her independent ways.

You will cheer for Hester as she steps out in a bid for independence and the chance to plot the path of her life. Once you start reading, Burman’s detailed descriptions will pull you in. You’ll surface hours later wondering where your garden path and your river nymphs have disappeared to.

Get this book! But only if you have several hours to set aside. Enjoy!

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